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Bucharest-Ilfov Metropolitan Area Intercommunity Development Association (ADIZMB)  is the main formal arrangement covering the region for Bucharest and Ilfov County. It was established in 2008, under Romanian legislation (Govt. Ordinance 26/2000, Govt. Emergency Ordinance 57/2019), for an unlimited period, as a partnership between Bucharest Mayor’s Office and the Ilfov County Council, to develop the metropolitan area.

The mission of the Association is to contribute to all regional and metropolitan priorities including sustainable mobility, education and inclusion, zero-carbon urban mobility, research and inovation.

The main objectives of the Association are to develop and to promote at all levels, regional development projects, that are of common interest for the two territorial and administrative units, in the field of social, educational, infrastructure, environment, education, research and development, interregional and transnational cooperation, supporting entrepreneurship development, and emergency management.

The association also aims to ensure the monitoring of metropolitan urban development and to generate specialized territorial analyses for: concerting efforts to increase the quality of life, substantiating public policies, elaborating planning documentation in urbanism and urban mobility.


Bucharest-Ilfov Metropolitan Area Intercommunity Development Association (ADIZMB), is the main formal arrangement covering the areas of Bucharest and Ilfov County. It was established in 2008, in accordance with the Romanian legislation (ordinance 26/2000), being a partnership between:

Bucharest City Hall – constitutes a functional structure with permanent activity that fulfills the decisions of the General Council and the provisions of the General Mayor, solving the current problems of the local community in Bucharest;

Ilfov County Council – the county council is the local public administration authority, established at county level, for coordinating the activity of the municipal, city and municipal councils in order to achieve public services of county interest.




Mr. Marian RUSU

Deputy Director


ADIZMB is a member of the Federation of metropolitan areas and urban agglomerations in Romania (FZMAUR – http://fzmaur.ro/wordpress).

FZMAUR consists of metropolitan areas and urban agglomerations established under law no. 215/2001. The federation is a private legal entity, non-patrimonial, non-governmental and apolitical, established for the purpose of representing members in relation to central public authorities as well as in relations with international bodies or institutions.

The mission of FZMAUR is to contribute to the polycentric development of Romania, through active involvement in the process of achieving territorial, social and economic cohesion, at the level of metropolitan areas and existing urban agglomerations. Metropolitan areas and urban agglomerations are currently the “engines ”of Romania’s sustainable development, being places where the economic and social future of this country is ”built”.

ADIZMB has joined the Civinet Romania network-assigned to cities in Romania, with the aim of exchanging experience and best practices in the field of sustainable urban mobility.

The network encourages the implementation of sustainable urban mobility strategies and is funded by the European Commission as part of the CIVITAS programme (https://civitas.eu).


CIVINET Romania is a CIVITAS INITIATIVE, supported by the European Commission and has the role of disseminating best practices in the field of urban mobility and green urban transport. The network is open to local authorities (municipalities, county councils, metropolitan areas, ministries), but also to NGOs, research centers, universities and other organizations (both public and private sector) that have an interest in the field.

ADIZMB is part of the METREX platform-founded in 1996, following the Glasgow Conference of metropolitan regions. (https://www.eurometrex.org)

METREX is a professional platform that connects people in the public sector to work together to build a productive, healthy, inclusive and sustainable future for Europe.

The activities of the network are means of interconnecting members to explore common interests or challenges at the metropolitan level.

Currently, METREX is composed of 50 regions and metropolitan areas in Europe and is in continuous development.