Bucharest & Ilfov

Together for a better life


We are building the future: sustainable projects for the development of the Bucharest Metropolitan Area

In our mission to contribute to a constant increase in the quality of life of the citizens of the Bucharest Metropolitan Area, we are dedicated to identifying projects designed to support this, together with all the resources necessary for their implementation. We approach in a pragmatic way the complex challenges of the most dynamic metropolitan area in Romania, and the constant exchange of experience with developed metropolitan areas in Europe gives us access to innovative solutions that have proven to work. To shape a fair and sustainable urban environment, we facilitate cooperation between communities in the metropolitan area and offer a platform for the exchange of ideas, to identify the most suitable solutions.

It is an opportunity and a pride for me and the ADIZMB team to be a driving force in the positive transformation of our region and an active actor in building projects that change people’s lives for the better. I am convinced that we will continue to bring significant benefits to all residents of the area.